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The next issue of this newsletter, scheduled to be published by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop at the beginning of October 2006 (#300) is the final issue.

We have started putting up back issues for downloading from this website.

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If you are one of the many writers, aspiring or published, of science fiction, fantasy, horror and related genres, we would like to encourage you to visit the Hatrack River Writers Workshop.

if you feel all alone, with no other writers or writers groups around to give you feedback ...

if you get form rejection letters from editors--letters that don't tell you a thing about why your story wasn't "suitable?" ...

if other writers tell you that they don't read science fiction, fantasy, or horror, and therefore can't help you with your story ...

if you find that writers' workshops are too expensive, held too far away or too infrequently to do you any good ...

perhaps you should consider the Hatrack River Writers Workshop.

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